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Connecting people through movement


Our goal is to create a gloBAL community connected through movement. a neutral space where people can connect and live a more active, fulfilling life.


We are building active, local communities that connect face to face over various styles movement and exercise.

Communities of people who want more from their fitness than just training alone with headphones on.

Offering an alternative to people who want to get more from their leisure time than mindlessly staring at screens.


We organise frequent events and meet-ups, where people can get away from their screens for a while and do something fun with other like-minded people.

Our events are varied, encouraging people to learn new skills, try new things and step out of their comfort zones. We know there is no one size fits all so are always open to trying something new.

We welcome anyone to our meet-ups, as long as it is safe for you to get involved and you respect the other members!

We are utilising online platforms & social media to build a face-to-face community, connected offline.

Why are we doing it?

We live in a time of increased online connectivity and reduced face to face connection.

Loneliness is a growing problem. We are becoming increasingly sedentary.

We believe active communities can solve a lot of the current issues we are facing in society.

SuppleStrength was born in London. It's a big city with a population of nearly 9 million people, but for many it’s a lonely place. We want to give you more options for finding a community. A community that isn’t tied to just one activity/hobby or the workplace. A community that you can join anywhere in the world and feel at home.


Meet the team

Long time friends Conor (right) and Joe (left) are currently working together to build SuppleStrength.

They have known each other for 22 years and are committed to bringing this same loyalty and longevity into the SuppleStrength community.

Both of them live very active lifestyles and practice what they preach, doing some kind of movement most days.


Conor - Founder

Conor trained as a physiotherapist and personal trainer. He started SuppleStrength with the goal of helping people to improve how they move and live more fulfilling lives.

He believes movement has the potential to fill some of the voids we are seeing modern society. Specifically community, health and fulfilment.

He is still currently seeing clients and working full time to build SuppleStrength.


Joe - CEO

Joe has an engineering background and has worked as a management consultant in the corporate world for several years. During this time he has mastered how to maintain a good work-life balance and wants to show others how they can too.

Since joining the team his fresh passion, perspective and perseverance have given SuppleStrength a new structure and helped to progress it further towards their vision.

He still works full time in the city, with plans to step into the role of CEO full time soon.