The 2nd Supple Surprise

The 2nd Supple Surprise

from 20.00

The Supple Surprise is for the open-minded folk who are keen to try something new and maybe step out of their comfort zone a bit!

The first surprise was a street dance class, taught by Jordan Alexander who has performed many times on stage as Michael Jackson in Thriller Live. After learning a few new moves, we refuelled with some food before heading out for the evening to practice on the dance floor!

We have planned a surprise activity, something that most people won't have done before. It won't be a standard gym class, something a little bit outside of the box and a lot of fun.

You just turn up on the day, dressed ready to move!

This time it will be outside in the park for two hours.

As usual, we will go for some food or drinks after, for those interested.

Are you feeling adventurous?

If so, we'll see you there! Once you have bought a ticket you will be added to our Whatsapp group.

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